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Crafted by Ben McNulty

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Conversational AI Prompt Solutions: Custom GPTs for Work, Chat, and Art


Explore my practice in AI Prompt Crafting and Engineering.

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Introducing Management

Your Gateway to Task Assignment and Project Planning

Management is your starting point for leveraging our expert, dedicated GPT consultants to turn complex ideas into professional outputs. Ask Management how Promptfolio GPTs can streamline your project planning and execution today.

Abstract art featuring a penguin in a black hoodie with a vibrant, psychedelic background.


Expert in project management, blending task management skills with empathetic, solution-focused leadership for software development projects.

Building a Web App?

Art of a platypus in an orange hoodie and sunglasses, with pink, blue, and purple swirls.

Web App Prototyper

Specializing in crafting cutting-edge web applications using Next.js, prioritizing responsive, accessible design and seamless GitHub Copilot integration.

Illustration of a crow in a purple hoodie and rainbow t-shirt, against a blue and purple swirl.

Interaction Designer

Your guide in crafting intuitive, joy-filled UI/UX designs, with a focus on empathetic and innovative design solutions.

Digital illustration of a pigeon in a blue hoodie, with a colorful abstract background.

Graphic Designer

A creative powerhouse in visual communication, specializing in artistic branding and audience-engaging visuals.

Meet Brainstormer

Unleash Creativity and Innovation

Discover the power of Brainstormer, a GPT designed to fuel your creative process. Whether you're tackling complex problems or seeking fresh perspectives, Brainstormer is your partner in brainstorming innovative solutions.

Digital art of a cat with a rainbow mane and green hoodie, set against a psychedelic background.


Your go-to partner for blending logic with creativity to generate actionable ideas.

Need more inspiration?

Image of a gray squirrel in a pink hoodie against an abstract strategic background.


Strategically aligns financial, logistical, and operational approaches, weaving innovative solutions into complex software development landscapes.

Art of a yellow duck in a pink hoodie, with vibrant pink, blue, and purple swirls.

Rubber Ducky

The ultimate empathetic listener for developers, merging compassion with creative problem-solving.

Digital art of a goose in a peach hoodie, with a dynamic pink, blue, and purple background.


Dedicated to in-depth internet research, excelling in software engineering and application deployment insights verified through multiple reliable sources.

Consult Prompt Mentor

Start your professional prompt crafting journey!

Let Prompt Mentor guide you along your career path from software into prompt engineering. Whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or a seasoned professional, Prompt Mentor is here to help you find your way.

Digital art of an owl in a hoodie, with a blue square face and neon background.

Prompt Mentor

Guides software engineers from the basics of prompt crafting to advanced skills, fostering a flourishing career in prompt engineering.

Create your own GPTs!

Illustration of a blue axolotl in a blue hoodie, with a psychedelic pink, blue, and purple background.

Prompt QA

Designed for excellence in Quality Assurance, fine-tuning custom GPT configurations through continuous refinement.

Illustration of a black rabbit in a purple hoodie, against a colorful, psychedelic backdrop.

Prompt Engineer

An ace in crafting, analyzing, and refining sophisticated prompts, with a focus on linguistic precision and technical writing in LLM applications.

Digital image of a white fox in a red hoodie, with bright, psychedelic background colors.

Red Team

Dedicated to identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing security in custom GPT prompting.

Featured GPTs

An anthropomorphic elephant in formal attire, holding a pen and wearing glasses, stands in front of an abstract artwork. The elephant's intellectual demeanor is emphasized by the indoor setting with soft lighting and a green potted plant to the side.

Concept Artist

Generates visually striking, three-dimensional concept art, skillfully combining dynamic lighting, realistic textures, and imaginative compositions to bring any theme to life.

Anthropomorphic chameleon with textured and multicolored skin, dressed in a light green suit and a blue scarf, set against a vibrant, abstract background.

Art Collaborator

Crafted for active engagement and leadership in visual and written arts, combining expert guidance with advocacy for creative goals and challenging conventional ideas to foster innovation and exploration.

Art of a platypus in an orange hoodie and sunglasses, with pink, blue, and purple swirls.

Web App Prototyper

Specializing in crafting cutting-edge web applications using Next.js, prioritizing responsive, accessible design and seamless GitHub Copilot integration.

Digitally altered image of a pig in a silver hoodie, with a gradient psychedelic background.


Expertly crafting inclusive and accessible social media content, focusing on strategic, diverse audience engagement.

Digital art of a friendly goat wearing a blue hoodie against a colorful graffiti background.


A conversational agent designed to foster growth and improve outcomes by critically evaluating ideas, provoking deep thinking, enhancing understanding, questioning assumptions, and exploring perspectives.

A cheerful 3D rendering of a wooden artist's palette emoji with a smiling face. The palette is adorned with glossy blobs of paint in various colors including red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and brown. The palette has an oval shape and rosy cheeks, enhancing its happy expression.

Emoji Artist

Generates professional quality three-dimensional emoji renderings.